How To Maintain Your Red Hair


Hi guys, this is a very very very requested article. I get asked all the time how do I maintain my red hair. A lot of you either have red hair or are interested in getting red hair. I am going to tell you it is a lot of maintenance, I mean a lot. This is not a low maintenance hair colour. It is not like your standard hair colour of black or brown so I mean this is a lot of work. It takes a lot of effort to keep this hair colour from looking brassy too.

Red does run and bleed very very easily however there are a lot of products that can really help. I get my hair done every six weeks and am only just back from my hairdressers in Cork. My hair is vibrant now and it will remain so for the next six weeks. After six weeks a lot of people will find that their hair looks very dull after however with the right products this won’t happen.

First off let me tell you about collars that I use in my hair, I get is professionally done. My friends at my favourite Hairdressers Cork do it for me, so if you are in the Cork region go ahead and check them out. I highly recommend them. These are the only people who I let touch my hair. Saw for my hair they use Kenra hair dye, this has a violet tint to it so my hair looks more vibrant.

So I wash my hair every other day, if I could wash it more often I would but my hair just cant take it. Even though I wash it every other day red still goes down the drain. What helps here is a product by the name of Davines. This work really well for extensions. This gives me the most bang for my buck, and I feel th really works the best. This is tried and tested and I have gone through about 4 or five bottles of this already. It is the Watercolours Crimson Splash shampoo and has been a lifesaver.

However I am going to warn you that your shower will look like a murder scene. If you wash your hair with this, and leave it on for five minutes it will put the colour back into your hair and make it look very vibrant. I was using this every single shower however I found that is was creating a build up and my hair was getting greasy quicker. So I went from using this from every shower to every other shower.

It is a shampoo that is safe for every colour hair and in between. It also helps make my colour last longer. Also it is not too expensive. If you have white shower curtains I recommend getting rid of them and getting a plastic liner. If you find your bathroom is getting stained by this use plenty of bleach quickly. This is a game changer and if you have red hair you definitely need this in your life.

I also use the Aveda Madder Roots conditioner, which works with rich tones and most dark shades of hair. Again you leave this on for five minutes. While you’re waiting you can shave your legs or dance around in the shower. This works really great for keeping the vibrancy in my hair and keeping it soft. It smells like peaches which is nice. This is an amazing product. I highly recommend checking those products old if you want red hair.

So, that is how I do my hair, and keep his nice and vibrant and red. With these products my hair will remain vibrant for six weeks which is great.


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