Week 10: Devastation Continues

This week was another heartbreaker. Somehow I knew going into it that the Dolphins would find a way to top our crumbling offense. There truly are times I hate being right. 

Rex. Oy.
I recognize that our QB situation is tenuous at best, but I didn’t see that one coming. The Sunday morning announcement that Rex was back in as starter had me in fits. And the rest of the day didn’t get much better. He had two INTs in the game, one of which may or may not have been his fault. He did absolutely zilch in the red zone. And I can’t stand looking at him. At least his muffin top is shrinking.

Just Plain Offensive
How many weeks in a row is it now that we have started with a 3 and out? Too many to be worth counting. And to top it all off, on 3rd and 2, Kyle called a 5-step drop. You can guess how that turned out. And what exactly does Kyle have against the run game? Was he bad at it in high school and teased for it? Did he ask it on a date and get stood up? Whatever it is, Kyle, get over it. Run the damn ball. We don’t have a QB. You don’t have another option. For yet another week, we couldn’t put points on the board. Yes, Torain scored a touchdown on an outside run. But that came back thanks to the Paulsen hold. I like Paulsen, but that was a big mistake and it cannot happen again.

Week 9 Gold Star Rescinded: Gano x2

Hail Helu
Our boy Helu had another stellar showing this week. Yes, he had decent runs, but the real beauty of his game was in the blocking and the blitz pickups. Some out there won’t like this comparison, but I do (after all, my first custom Redskins tee, the ones I wear on game day, was “Clinton is my Homeboy”). Helu is reminds me of a young, healthy Portis. He has the legs, and he also knows when he is needed to protect the QB/ballcarrier and help secure the execution of the play.

Defensive Exception
I’ve been begging and pleading for more turnovers on D and this week we managed a few. Kevin Barnes and the INT! My boy Kerrigan! Once again nominated for Rookie of the Week! Two forced fumbles and + sacks. Love it! I don’t, however, love penalties. And I really don’t love how he is being held like a baby and double-teamed by jersey-pulling O-linemen. Perry Riley was a rockstar. I love the development we are seeing from him this season and I look forward to seeing him continue to progress. I do have one gripe with our D this week though and it is with the secondary. We did not do nearly enough to shut down Brandon Marshall. He is the Dolphins only major threat which means the secondary had one job. They failed.

Hankerson Heartbreak
My wish came true, we saw more of him. A lot more. Man, oh, man. Other than the fall that contributed to one of the INTs, he had a great game. He was a shining star, one bright spot in an otherwise dark, dark day. He had his first 100+ game as a pro. He was showing the progress we’d hoped for. And then he went down. You could feel his pain. And I was hopeful when he limped off that it wasn’t anything too serious. When the news came out Monday, I almost cried. That combined with Golston’s injury made for a rough, rough Monday in Redskins Nation.

Hot for Flipper
What was with the announcers verbally humping the Dolphins?

It was brutal. Just brutal. And this week we get the Cowboys at home. Burgundy Blog may have said it best today on Twitter – @BurgundyBlog: Draft position now crucial but if there’s one win left I still crave at all costs it’s Dallas. This week is our Super Bowl

One response to “Week 10: Devastation Continues

  1. With the passing game as bad as it is, do you think that there is a chance we CAN run the ball the whole game? Yes, Helu had great ypg, but Torrain didn't. Can Helu put up those numbers on 20+ carries? Can anyone if the opposition knows you can't pass? Good stuff as always.

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