Farewell, dear friend.


Redskins Nations lost one of our own last night. Bill White was a cherished colleague and devoted friend. In the more than six years Bill and I worked together, we bonded over many things, but none quite so strongly as our beloved Redskins. Even when, earlier this year, Bill’s illness prevented him from working, we exchanged texts and emails about the latest team news and excitement. Bill was in the hospital when Robert Griffin III made his appearance on Leno and I was sure to send him a link the next morning so that he wouldn’t miss it. Bill often told me that those small notes helped keep him upbeat during the more difficult days.

It is a true testament to the unifying and uplifting power of football that, when we shared messages with each other every Sunday, we knew we were sharing so much more than just words. Football was our special bond, our special way of connecting. I worried this Sunday when I didn’t hear back from him. Bill had been readmitted to the hospital and passed away last night. He was a true fan and an even truer friend. I will miss him dearly. Bill, wherever you are, HTTR!

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