Winning Turnover Battle Crucial to Redskins Playoff Hopes

With a playoff berth within reach, the Redskins are riding high on their first four game win streak since 2008 and looking to finish the season with three straight wins against the Browns, Eagles andCowboys. The Redskins seem to finally be gelling on both sides of the ball and have a major advantage over their final opponents – turnover ratio. The Redskins are currently ranked fifth in the league with a +12 turnover ratio while the Browns, Eagles and Cowboys combine for a whopping -21 turnover ratio. Washington will need complete performances from all their players if they want to finish out 3-0 and reach the post season, but continuing to dominate the turnover battle will go a long way towards owning the time of possession and keeping their best asset – the offense – on the field more often than their, ahem, less valuable asset.

After the ambiguously talented duo of Turnoversaurus Rex and John Beck racked up 24 interceptions last season, it is refreshing, going into Week 15, that the Redskins only have six interceptions thus far this season – four by Griffin III and two by Kirk Cousins. Article continues at

Article originally written for and published Dec. 12, 2012

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