Options Keeping Redskins Wide Open

An interesting phenomenon is taking place on the field during Redskins games these days. Washington’s wide receivers, whom many have called second tier at best, are finding themselves wide open, which, when combined with their speed, is proving devastating to opposing teams. Thanks to the creativity of the Shanahan system and the plethora of options it creates, the Redskins are currently ranked fourth in the NFL in total offense and are poised to have four receivers finish the year with more than 500 receiving yards for the first time since 2000.

After months of speculation that the Redskins hybrid offense can only be successful with a mobile quarterback like Robert Griffin III, the win Sunday in Cleveland, with Kirk Cousins at the helm, proved naysayers wrong. The strength of Washington’s offensive scheme is not the option itself, but the options its inclusion in the scheme permits. The combination of the option with play-action passing in the spread offense keeps defenses on their toes – and their heels – to open up opportunities all over the field. And when the schemes are combined to create play-action calls with backfields set up to look like option or run calls, Washington’s receivers are putting themselves in position to make plays. Article continues at HogsHaven.com.

Written originally for HogsHaven.com and published Dec. 19, 2012.

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