Morgan Finding Success with the Redskins

One Redskin is quietly putting together an impressive season and far exceeding some rather low preseason expectations. DC-native and VA Tech graduate Joshua Morgan joined Washington’s receiving corps this off-season, arriving from San Francisco to fill an opening most had hoped would be taken by a slightly higher profile free agent.

Over the 14 games played so far this season, Morgan has developed into Robert Griffin III’s primary target and an incredibly reliable and fierce weapon.

Morgan is the only Redskins receiver to be targeted in every game this season, amassing 489 yards in 46 receptions. Despite having nine more receptions and ten more targets than any other receiver on the team, Morgan still ranks fourth among receivers in total yards and ninth in average yards per catch with 10.6 yards (yes, with a 10.6 yard average per catch he still only ranks ninth).

In the absence of injured TE Fred Davis, Morgan has assumed a hybrid WR-TE role, becoming the primary target in the short pass game and regularly making blocks on plays in which he isn’t the target. Article continues at

Originally written for and published Dec. 20, 2012.

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